Welcome to MonSec, a student run club at Monash University dedicated to the teachings of practical cyber security skills.

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int main() {
    // printf() displays the string inside quotation
    printf("%s", "Welcome to MonSec!");
    return 0;

Established in 2014, we run weekly workshops (times and locations) focused around a single topic, involving both a presentation and practical workshop or friendly challenge to test our attendees. Our aim is to introduce students to new and interesting career opportunities, and give them not only the skills to pursue them, but the passion and interest to want to do so.

The year ahead

We have made changes to the structure of our weekly meetups. Content covered will not be dependent on each other so that future meetups remain relevant to new members that arrive late or miss one day.

We plan to cover the following areas (Note: This is not an exhaustive list).

  • Network scanning
  • Web application penetration testing
  • Binary exploitation & reverse engineering
  • Password cracking
  • WiFi attacks

We are open to people bringing their own projects and ideas to work on with other members. We also plan to bring industry experts to give students an inside look into a job in security and networking opportunities.

Contact Us

Want to get in touch? You can reach us at


From the CySCA Website:

CySCA is a ‘hacking’ competition run by an alliance of Australian Government, business and academic professionals who are committed to finding the next generation of Australian cyber security talent – including you!

Starting in 2012, CySCA will show you what it’s like to work in cyber security and will get your name in front of some of Australia’s most dynamic employers.

CySCA is Australia’s only national cyber security competition. It runs over 24-hours and will test both your technical skills and communication know-how. It’s not easy, but it’s heaps of fun, and the opportunities you get from participating are fantastic.

Every year, Monash enters 4 teams of 4 students into CySCA, and every year we have performed better than the last. In 2017, Monash teams ranked 2nd, 5th, 9th and 33rd, a phenomenal effort by all involved. The majority of our workshops held prior to CyCSA are designed to give you skills and knowledge most relevant to the competition, to best give you the opportunity to do well when competing.

Victorian Cyber Security Group (VCSG)

The Victorian Cyber Security Group (VCSG) is an upcoming initiative by Monash, Deakin and Melbourne University students that aims to provide a collaborative environment for passionate cyber security students to share their knowledge with the goal of “raising the bar” of the skills within the community. More details will be announced soon…