Welcome to MonSec, a student run club at Monash University dedicated to the teachings of practical cyber security skills.

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int main() {
    // printf() displays the string inside quotation
    printf("%s", "Welcome to MonSec!");
    return 0;

Established in 2014, we run weekly workshops focused around a single topic, involving both a presentation and practical workshop or friendly challenge to test our attendees. Our aim is to introduce students to new and interesting career opportunities, and give them not only the skills to pursue them, but the passion and interest to want to do so.

Weekly workshop

times and locations

We plan to cover the following areas (Note: This is not an exhaustive list).

  • Network scanning
  • Web application penetration testing
  • Binary exploitation & reverse engineering
  • Password cracking
  • WiFi attacks

We are open to people bringing their own projects and ideas to work on with other members. We also plan to bring industry experts to give students an inside look into a job in security and networking opportunities.

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From the FAQ on the website:

What is DownUnderCTF?

DownUnderCTF is a world-wide Capture The Flag (CTF) competition targeted at Australian secondary and tertiary students.

In 2021 both of our teams did alright in the worldwide rankings and top 10 in Australia.

MonSec Beginner CTF

The MonSec Beginner CTF is our very own annual CTF designed and engineered towards beginners. It is usually held early in the year and runs for approximately 6 hours.

For updates on this event keep an eye out at our Discord server and social media.

Other competitions

We occasionally compete in other CTFs and competitions, such as picoCTF. Head over to our competitive channels on Discord so see what we’re up to and opportunities to join our team.