Meeting location & time


Time: Mondays 6PM. Advanced Workshop at 7PM.

How to join

  1. Read the rules.
  2. Sign up to our Discord server.
  3. Officially join online right now.

Membership is $5 with MSA, or $10 otherwise.


Please do not

  • be rude to other members.
  • hack any networks or devices you do not have permission to hack.
  • have big egos.
  • be afraid to ask for help.
  • be distracting to other members.

Please do

  • help other members out when possible.
  • compete with good sportsmanship.

In addition to the rules above, you acknowledge that these activities are on the fringe of what is legal and ethical in the IT field, and as such you should follow the EC-Council’s code of ethics as a guideline on how to behave. Please use your common sense and keep in mind that we are not responsible for any actions you take that is not in scope of the club’s activities. We will NEVER ask you to do anything illegal, but if you decide to be stupid and do so anyway, it’s on you.


Full formal constitution