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PwC Careers Expo

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On the 31st of July, PwC hosted a phenomenal cyber security career expo aimed to inspire young minds and expand their future career choices.

The night saw a panel of accomplished cyber security professionals discuss the Australian cyber security industry and the direction it is heading. Speakers included The Honourable Angus Taylor MP (Minister for Cyber Security), Adrian Turner (CEO of Data61) and Steve Ingram (Asia Pacific Cyber Lead at PwC). The audience also saw videos of PwC employees detailing their journey and experience into the industry and PwC.

Afterwards, guests were treated to a delicious selection of fingerfood, and got to walk around the expo floor to talk to representatives from various educational institutions. Monash attracted some very curious individuals, who got to speak first-hand to staff and students from the Faculty of IT about cyber security at Monash.

The event was a fantastic opportunity for all involved. Many interesting insights were shared, and it’s fair to say that more than one student in the audience left the event with new career aspirations.