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Kali Linux Set-up

Akbar Fadiansyah
Akbar Fadiansyah

Recommended Steps #

  1. Install Kali on a VM using one of methods listed below.
  2. Set-up an alternative mirror if necessary.
  3. Install additional software you may need (our recommendations are listed below).

Notes #


Your network’s default DNS might block queries for Kali’s domain names. If this is the case, you should override your DNS settings to use an alternative DNS server. We recommend to use one of the following:

  • which is operated by Cloudflare
  • which is operated by Google
  • which is operated by Quad9

Flush Cached Records #

sudo apt install systemd-resolved
# this is normally enabled by default only after a reboot
sudo systemctl start systemd-resolved.service
sudo resolvectl flush-caches