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Additional Software

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Software #

Cloud #

Cryptography #

Reverse-engineering #

Steganography #

Open-Source Intelligence #

Installation #

apt (Kali’s Package Manager) #

sudo apt install ghidra python3-pycryptodome ropper python3-ropgadget sherlock python3-pwntools steghide stegcracker binwalk bytecode-viewer

Troubleshooting #

If sudo apt upgrade fails, try running sudo apt update and then sudo apt full-upgrade.

If you get ModuleNotFoundError when importing pycryptodome using Crypto, try importing it using Cryptodome instead.

pwndbg #

Refer to the instructions in pwndbg repository

Note: do not use the pwndbg package from PyPI as they are completely non-functional.

Stegseek #

Download the .deb file from the releases page of its repository, and install using sudo apt install ./stegseek_0.6-1.deb.

A Note on Python Packages #

Using pip install to install Python packages globally is strongly not recommended, as it can easily cause conflicts with system packages. In fact, from Python 3.12, pip will not be able (by design) to install Python packages system-wide.

It is strongly recommended that Python packages are installed using apt, Kali’s package manager. However, if the package you want is not in the Kali packages but is available on PyPI, then you can use virtual environments or pipx which lets you safely install Python packages without conflict.

Note that pwndbg already sets up a virtual environment in its install script, so you don’t need to set it up manually.