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Why Should You Sponsor Us? #

  • Increase awareness of your brand among the target audience of future recruitment campaigns. Our members include students pursuing careers in:
    • Cyber-security
    • Computer Science
    • Software Engineering
    • Information Technology
    • Criminology/Law
  • More direct access to future talent in the cyber-security sector via on-campus events such as:
    • Guest speaker workshops
    • Career nights
    • CTFs
    • Or any other event idea you might have for incorporating your company with MonSec…
  • Student-focused marketing (via our social media channels) for your company’s
    • Internship programs
    • Graduate opportunities
    • Or anything else that you want our members to know about…

DFIR Workshop from 2023
DFIR Workshop from 2023

Our Values #

  • Beginner-friendliness
  • Practicality
  • Passion for the community

Sponsorship Tiers #

Please contact us for specific events, promotional campaigns or any sponsorship-related queries.

View Sponsorship Prospectus

A PDF version of our sponsorship prospectus is available via email.

Dedicated Speech1XX
Referral to Sponsor’s EventsXXX
Logo on WebsiteXXXX
Logo on Event PromotionsXXXX
Social Media Posts25/semester15/semester25/semester40/semester or up to 4/week
Special Event Title Sponsor3X
Club Members4 Referral ListX
Dedicated Marketing CampaignX

  1. We will give a speech outlining our involvement with the sponsor, and their value to our members. The sponsor is welcome (and encouraged) to talk to our members (including giving a speech) regardless of the tier they are in. ↩︎

  2. Only during Monash University’s non-exam periods↩︎

  3. Limited to one sponsor for each special event. A special event can be an in-depth workshop, a CTF engagement, or any other appropriate format. ↩︎

  4. Only the members who gave formal consent for us to distribute their details are included. ↩︎