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We display our email addresses in this encoded manner in order to prevent spam emails, that might be originated from bots that scrape our website. Before emailing us, please take note of the following decoding rules:

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2023 Team #

NamePositionLinksMonSec E-mail
Omri BornsteinPresidentBlog LinkedIn GitHubomri[dot]bornstein[at]monsec[dot]io
Elias LabastidaVice President (Semester 1)Blog LinkedIn Mastodon Twitterelias[dot]labastida[at]monsec[dot]io
Sarah LamVice President (Semester 2)LinkedInsarah[dot]lam[at]monsec[dot]io
Yuki KumeSecretaryLinkedInyuki[dot]kume[at]monsec[dot]io
Sean WongTreasurersean[dot]wong[at]monsec[dot]io
Preeti HudekarMember Training OfficerLinkedInpreeti[dot]hudekar[at]monsec[dot]io
Kar Jun LoongSystem AdministratorLinkedInkar[dot]jun[dot]loong[at]monsec[dot]io
James RocheSocial Media & Communications OfficerLinkedInjames[dot]roche[at]monsec[dot]io
Oscar LuptonOutreach & Partnerships OfficerLinkedInoscar[dot]lupton[at]monsec[dot]io

2023 Media Team #

Sarah LamVideo EditorLinkedIn
Rahul PejathayaGraphic Designer
Chloe NguyenGraphic DesignerLinkedIn

2022 Team (S2) #

Leo WhiteheadPresident
Omri BornsteinVice President
Akbar FadiansyahSecretary
Luca CattapanTreasurer
Ari FeldmanMember Training Officer
Yuki KumeMember Training Officer
Matti HaddadSystem Administrator
Sean WongSocial Media & Communications Officer

2022 Team (S1) #

Peter DrewPresident
Leo WhiteheadVice President
Omri BornsteinSecretary
Luca CattapanTreasurer
Ari FeldmanMember Training Officer
Matti HaddadSystem Administrator
Marcus FacchinoMember Training Officer
Akbar FadiansyahSocial Media & Communications Officer

2021 Team #

Peter DrewPresident
Emily TrauVice President
Luke St JohnSecretary
James PanTreasurer
Leo WhiteheadMember Training Officer
Omri BornsteinAssistant Member Training Officer
Luca CattapanSocials and Events Officer
Samuel MerrenOutreach & Partnerships Officer

2020 Team #

Mariusz SkoneczkoPresident
Daniel ByrgiotisVice president
Peter DrewSecretary
Rithesh JayaramTreasurer
Tim SilvesterMember Training Officer
Emily TrauSystem Administrator
Luke St JohnSocials & Events Officer
Salang KangOutreach & Partnerships Officer

2019 Team (S2) #

Rosson CacencuPresident
Richard HuangVice president
Peter DrewSecretary
Rithesh JayaramTreasurer
Mariusz SkoneczkoMember Training Officer
Daniel ByrgiotisMember Training Officer
Rafael HermannSocials & Events Officer
Tim RichardsonOutreach & Partnerships Officer

2019 Team (S1) #

Slack HandlePositionSocial
DalordishEvent Coordinator
rossEvent Coordinator
varotrixMedia & Marketing Representative
pouffleCommunications Representative

2018 Team #

Slack HandlePositionSocial
drizbitVice presidentTwitter

2017 Team #

Slack HandlePositionSocial
0x4a47Vice presidentTwitter